Commemorative Hockey Pucks
     for Teams, Tournaments, 

 Hockey Camps & Special Events

Inspired by the goal of bringing a smile to the face of a youth hockey player, Trophy Pucks creates unique souvenir and collectible commemorative hockey pucks with a high gloss "3D" lens finish that replace the outdated trophy. 

Trophy Pucks has grown to become a leader in customized commemorative souvenir hockey pucks and photo hockey pucks with representative clients that include The Minnesota Wild, Herb Brooks Foundation, Hobey Baker Award (Commemorative Puck), The Artist Terrence FogartyMinnesota State High School Hockey Tournament (Commemorative Puck), Minnesota Hockey (Commemorative Youth Hockey State Tournament Pucks), and USA Hockey Magazine.

Trophy Pucks is the leading source for customized keepsake Team, Tournament and Special Event hockey pucks. Now you and your association can bring that smile to your players and your tournament participants.

Benefits of a Trophy Puck:
    - Saves money / Cooler than a trophy
    - Fresh idea / Attractive 3D photo lens finish
    - No set up fees / No design charges
    - Unique & Collectible / Individualized
    - New design each year / Your logo
    - Greater appreciation / Affordable
    - Promotes Tourney / Kids love them

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Available Now: A special commemorative puck depicting Herb Brooks, the Gold Medal, the Gold Medal winning coach of the 1980 "Miracle on Ice" Hockey Team.   Click here to Purchase from Herb Brooks Sports!


The Artwork of Terrence Fogarty is now available on Hockey Pucks.  See our Fogarty Art Puck page in the Website.

Special edition commemorative puck for the 2007 Hobey Baker Award winner, Kevin Porter of the University of Michigan.  The collectible puck was given away to attendees of the Hobey Baker Award Ceremony.   

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Minnesota Wild ~ Year V Puck Series Giveaway.